TUDesc Licenses


TUDesc Licences of Use count for two dissimilar categories of stored spaces. Prices are based on one consultancy hour per space. The teaching spaces category in release 2021-3.2 contains four space typologies: Tiered Lecture Hall, Flat Level Classroom, Terraced Classroom, and Amphitheatre. The learning spaces category in release 2021-3.2 contains five space typologies: Collaboration Space, Exam Space, Meeting Space, Project Space, and Computer Room.

TUDesc Licenses of Use are available for a number of stored spaces up to 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and an unlimited number. Thus, with a license of 20 spaces an education institute may store up to 20 teaching spaces of any of the four teaching typologies next to 20 learning spaces of any of the five learning typologies. In theory, one could store a maximum of 40 spaces with a 20 space’s license.

All employees of your institute are allowed to make use of the license. Your institute’s employees may act as TUDesc Manager, however, we advise to appoint only one or two directly related staff.

Five different professional roles are available besides the Manager: AV, Equipment, IT, Facilities, and Furniture. These professionals take care for the corresponding assets caught under TABs within the Admin pages. For instance does the AV professional manage the projector and screen properties, while the Furniture Professional takes care for chairs, tables and desks properties.

The TUDesc manager appoints the professional roles to employees of your institute and may even appoint a “Temporary Superuser” state in order to add additional brands and models for related assets used within your institute. We recommend minimizing the use of these Superuser state to prevent accidental errors.

The license is valid for a period of one year and has to be renewed annually. You will receive an email for extending the license two months before the license ends and an extra reminder one month before the license period ends. License costs excluding VAT for educational institutes are:

  Annual License Fee for Education Institute    Costs without VAT   
  20  € 3000.0
  50  € 5000.0
  100  € 7000.0
  200  € 12000.0
  300  € 16500.0
  400  € 20000.0
  500  € 22500.0
  Unlimited  € 25000.0

The license costs excluding VAT for organizations are:

  Annual License Fee for Organizations            Costs without VAT   
  20  € 4360.0
  50  € 6500.0
  100  € 10000.0
  200  € 14000.0
  300  € 19500.0
  400  € 24000.0
  500  € 27500.0
  Unlimited  € 30000.0

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